a look back at 25 things

25-things see the complete list here

hmmm.... so my grand total of completed items is 12 outta 25 this year.
not so good :-/

but to be fair, i tried to do 3 more but they didn't pan out... #'s 8, 9, & 22.
8. go to the drive-in - josh and i went last summer, but as soon as we got there it was sold out. we missed it by like 2 cars!
9. pet a sea lion - had this planned in the bahamas, but it rained that day so they cancelled it.
22. take kosmo & lola to a dog event - we were going to go to dog day at slugger field back in june but it was cold and rainy, so we opted to stay home. they are supposed to do it again in august, so hopefully we can make it to that one!!

so that kinda brings me up to 15.

and also #15. go to chicago, washington d.c, or new york city - this will be taking place in a couple weeks! so i'm totally counting that one too. it was planned before my birthday, just hasn't actually happened yet :)

so that's 16.

then, 3. run a marathon and 21. run more than 13 miles at once - couldn't happen since i'm injured, so those don't count. and 16. ride 100 miles on my bike - may have been tough with said injuries, so it doesn't count either ;)

so that's kinda like 19 outta 25. MUCH BETTER!

i have no excuses for the rest though... especially 4. give blood - it's been on all 3 of my lists. yes, that means i have had a goal to give blood for 3 years now and i just haven't done it. i actually do feel bad about it though, because there's apparently a blood donor shortage here lately and i've been meaning to go do it for the past few weeks, i just always run out of time!! so i plan on crossing this off once and for all here soon!

so that was my list this year.... now to come up with 26 things to do before i turn 27.... hmmm.....