My 26th


Yesterday was my 26th birthday! I officially feel old now. I mean this is the oldest I've ever been, after all. It kind of snuck up on me. All of a sudden it was summer, then it was July, then it was the 4th, and BAM! The 9th. My birthday :)

It was a pretty low-key as far as birthdays go. I haven't even really celebrated yet! Usually by this point I've had at least a week long celebration. But Monday is kind of a lame day for a birthday and I was out of town this past weekend for my cousin's wedding so we didn't really have much time to celebrate. I have had a few small celebrations though.

Sushi dinner  sushi
I was craving sushi all day on Friday but Josh had a late night run scheduled and sushi + running does not equal fun, so we planned a sushi date Saturday night with our neighbors Brian & Nikki.

Afterwards Josh and I got some ice cream :D

Then yesterday, for my actual birthday...

I got flowers.

This was big, y'all. Josh has only gotten me flowers once before - on our 1st Valentine's Day together. So needless to say, I was surprised when there was a knock at the door and it was a dude delivering me this huge (and heavy!!) bouquet. Thanks Josh, made my day :)

I got quality Boston snuggles.
Nothing better. :)

And of course, I went to CrossFit.

(I'm the one in the pink & white striped shirt :))

My birthday WOD:
It didn't seem that bad on paper chalkboard.

But I have GOT to learn to not even judge a WOD before we do it, because it's often the simple looking ones that leave you feeling like death (in a good way, if that's possible).

I push-pressed 55lbs (not much yet, but a lot more than I ever used at my other gym for any arm exercises) and I only hit myself in the face once. So I'll call that a win. Then we sprinted 0.25 miles 3 times, with 90 sec rest in between each. Yuck. I was pretty excited though, because my first 2 sprints were faster than my timed 0.25 mile sprint a few weeks ago when I first started CF. And my 3rd was only a few seconds slower. So I think that's pretty good! And my sprint pace averaged out to a 7 minute mile... not too shabby! (whatever, B. I know that's like your warm up pace :-p)

My hips are sore today though :(

To finish out my birthday, we had take-out for dinner at 10pm.
Josh was going to take me out, but it was 9pm before we both got home so he ordered us take-out from Outback and we had dinner in bed while watching TV.

Luckily, my birthday celebrations can continue for nearly the rest of the month! We're having a joint birthday party for me and Josh's sisters at the end of July so I fully plan on classifying pretty much any outing this month as a birthday celebration. ;)

Thanks for all your calls, texts, FB & twitter birthday wishes! I truly appreciate you all :)

I'll be back soon with a re-cap of the list (and maybe a new one?!)