The 4th!


Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!!! We sure did! :)

And umm.. I kind of think that a random day off in the middle of the week should be the new normal, don't you??? (or maybe we could all be like Josh and work 2 days then have 5 days off, that'd be nice too... ;))

Anyway, we celebrated by going to not one, but TWO, pool parties! Both complete with good food and even better -- GREAT FRIENDS! I don't know how we are so lucky to know so many great people, but I'm not complaining!!!

First we went over to our friend Ryan's house. I tried to work on my tan, but it was way too hot to lay out and I don't think my floppy hat & sunglasses made for great tanning attire, but what can you do when it's over 100 degrees?

We had some good pool time, Josh even went down the slide! And Justin put on a little show for us! justin
The kid is an acrobat!!

Afterwards we headed to our old neighbors, Amy & Andrew's new house. 

Fortunately, Amy makes the most AWESOME food (seriously, she is always posting pictures on Facebook of these gourmet-looking meals.. I wish I had invited myself over to dinner more often when she lived two houses down!) so she had amazing food at the party! Unfortunately, we also ate at Ryan & Heather's party so I wasn't that hungry!!

After spending the day in 2 pools, I tried to convince Josh that we need one.  Think of all the memories we could make in it! Lola would love it! (she LOVES the water!) Think of how much less grass you'd have to mow! but he didn't seem to think we needed one as much as I did :-/ Maybe one day he will change his mind!

Oh well... at least until then we have friends with awesome pools! :)

Happy 4th of July to our fellow Americans!!!!

God Bless America!!!!