My brother is MARRIED!!

On Saturday, my brother Adam and his fiance wife Jenn tied the knot!!

Friday was the start of wedding weekend! 

I missed the rehearsal (oops! un-predictable work schedule + hour long drive = late..) but I was just in time for the dinner (of course!)
Jenn gave all of us bridesmaids the cutest little robes with our names embroidered on them. Perfect for summer!

Then of course Saturday was the big day! It was relatively stress-free and I think everything went pretty smoothly. Luckily Jenn wasn't a bridezilla ;)

In fact, quite the opposite! Isn't she a gorgeous bride?!

Us girls started getting ready at 8:00 that morning... and were at the church before noon for pictures. The guys didn't start rolling in until 1:30...

How un-fair that it doesn't take them 4+ hours to get ready, right!!?

They do clean up nicely though :)

After a few hours of pictures (which went by surprisingly fast!), it was wedding time! I was a little nervous (I guess that's why a rehearsal is helpful...) but spoiler alert!: I didn't trip and fall!!! :) phew

And just like that, they were married!

Then the fun part.. the reception!!

My momma and my aunt Kathy... so lucky to have these ladies!!!

So as soon as we walked into the reception hall, the first thing I see are these life-size cardboard cut-outs of my brother and Jenn...


They had props and stuff (wigs, hats, glasses, etc) to dress them up too!

IMG_5528-Edit bouquet
Oh well.. I tried.. :-/

The wedding was beautiful and I was honored to be included in their big day! Jenn is a perfect fit into our family and I'm excited about finally having the sister I always wanted!! Congratulations, Adam and Jenn! I wish you many, many years of happiness! Love you guys!!!