My days this weekend were total opposites.

Saturday I was totally lazy -- I slept in, got up and ran 2 errands, then came home and proceeded to take a 4 hour nap. I did not one productive thing. Oh wait, I did do one load of laundry. And that's it.

It was glorious.

Sunday was different though... it seemed like we had a million places to be all at the same time! And luckily they were fun places!!

We started off at the CrossFit cookout. They had a paleo pitch-in and watched the CrossFit Games. WOD's were done on an as-requested basis. I decided I wanted to do a WOD before I ate (because let's be honest, it wouldn't happen after...), so some of us girls got together and asked Renee to come up with a "quick" WOD for us to do.

e1cd493ecf2511e1bf8b22000a1e8b2b_7Survivors of Renee's killer WOD... post-WOD (and yes... I blinked!! ha)

While Renee was coming up with the WOD, we recruited two boys to join us in the fun!!!!

THIS is the "quick WOD" Renee came up with:

TEN rounds of 100m sprint, 10 sit-ups, 100m sprint, 10 burpees, 30 sec. rest.

We tried to shorten it from Bradley to Brad and make it 5 rounds instead of 10 but Renee  said NO.

Are you kidding me?! This was the longest, most intense WOD I think I've ever done!!! 33 minutes and 17 seconds?! Definitely nothing "quick" about it!
The sprints in the 100° heat & sun in black cotton was probably not the smartest idea (but at least I wasn't the only one!! Apparently all the other girls except Sheri had the same idea!) I thought I was going to suffocate in that outfit! Seriously people -- wicking clothes work wonders!!

FINALLY it was over ;)

And then I proceeded to sweat for about 2 more hours. Profusely. Not even kidding.

IMG_0352Just hanging around at the CrossFit cookout. 

After we ate some good paleo food we headed over to our friends' baby Lilah's 1st birthday party!!! She had the coolest water slide ever!!! I decided I want one for my birthday party!! Seriously - I think the adults had more fun than the kids!
 9cf91b16ced611e1a5a31231381b3f77_7 swim2swim1 SO FUN!

It was a lot bigger than I think it looks in these pictures... and apparently they make one twice this size! That's the one I want for my birthday!!

The water slide was nice and refreshing after that killer WOD.

The birthday girl was asleep when we got there, but luckily she woke up right before we had to leave!

Happy 1st Birthday, Lilah!!!

Now, how do I convince Josh that since he won't let us get a pool he should let us get a big inflatable water slide?!

Stay cool!