Three Birthdays in One!

Well, I guess my birthday celebrations are officially over :( We had a joint birthday at the farm for all of us girls this past Saturday!

It's kind of hard to believe but as far as I can remember, this was only our 2nd farm trip of the year! (!!!!) I guess because it's just been so dang hot this summer! Luckily the weather cooperated this weekend and cooled down quite nicely for us. And by cooled down I mean it was still like 90°, but that's way better than 110° and it felt awesome!

We grilled out, played fetch (into the lake!) with the dogs, the kids got super dirty, and a good time was had by all!

Then it was time for cake! Josh and I were in charge of bringing the cake... and since I'm not supposed to have cake (30 day paleo challenge in full swing!), the final decision was left up to Josh!

This is what he chose:
A much healthier option than the chocolate cake smothered in icing that was sitting next to it ;)

When the paleo challenge started, I was allowing myself 1 cheat day for this birthday party!!! But I had forgotten to factor in my Chicago trip (this weekend!)... so now I will have 2 cheat days, but I am trying to make them cheat "meals" instead of whole entire days!!! So, I didn't even eat any of this cake. Instead, I bought myself an angel food cake, some cool whip, and strawberries.. and that was my cake (similar to the one above, but probably a little healthier ;))... and so far, that's been my only cheat! Still a cheat, yes, but not a bad one if you ask me! :-D

In Chicago this weekend, I'm going to do my best to still eat as paleo as possible... but I'm giving myself one little cheat meal to eat some Chicago style pizza! And hopefully that's IT!

Anyway, Josh is NOT eating like a caveman, apparently he's eating like a dog and licking the bowl clean! ;)

And since a few of you have asked... I am still working on my 26 before 27 list. I think I currently have about 12 things on it! ;) If you have any ideas for me, please share!!! :)