Wednesday Randoms

• the curse of the iPhone

The iPhone is good for lots of things... I personally like to use it for: texting, weather, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, reading e-mail & blogs, sometimes even Amazon or eBay, and occasionally even *gasp!* phone calls! 

This weekend we met up with my newly-married brother and his WIFE Jenn for lunch! (we have the same last name now so our names rhyme! ;)) and apparently Josh and Adam also really enjoy their iPhones as well. Jenn snapped the above photo of us... clearly spending quality time together ;)... all 3 on our iPhones. The sad thing is, this wasn't posed, we were literally all sitting there on our phones. And poor Jenn felt excluded because she doesn't have an iPhone!!

Don't worry though, we weren't on our phones for long (just "checking in" and posting the following pictures on Facebook, because you know that has to be done immediately!!!)

Adam and Jenn will be moving an hour further north in a few weeks, so they wanted to hang out with everyone as much as possible before the move! I'm so glad they invited us to lunch! You know how I feel about random meet-ups with family that aren't on holidays.... it's LIKE Christmas!!! Can't wait to see their new place soon!!!

• how Lola sleeps
Apparently this is the new comfortable.

• Josh wears a penguin towel ;)
The other night Josh got home from running and, as usual, looked like he had ran through a torrential downpour. It was just sweat, of course. But I was outside talking to the neighbors, and he came out of the house wrapped in my penguin beach towel. I snapped this [very high quality] photo to post on Facebook as revenge since he's always posting very lovely pictures of me on Facebook! (if we're not FB friends you probably have no clue what I'm talking about, but just to name a couple, he's posted pictures of me sleeping in the car, bending over to pick strawberries....etc)

• iPhoto dump
Last but not least, I figured it was high time for an Instagram photo dump!
I'm thelynnied on instagram if you want to follow along! :)

Happy Wednesday!!!