26 before 27

holy cow, these little lists are getting harder and harder to come up with (hence the fact that my birthday was a month ago and i am just now posting this!!) especially without repeating un-completed things from previous lists... which i totally did for a few. i still want to do them, after all, it just for some reason seems like cheating to use the same things again ;) anyway, after much thought, here are the 26 things i hope to accomplish before my 27th birthday. am i really going to be 27?!?! when did that happen????
  1. continue crossfit 3-5x per week and be able to do a real "un-assisted" pull up {01.12}
  2. complete 30 day paleo challenge with 3 cheat days or less {08.16.12}; eat paleo 80% of the time after
  3. give blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for real this time
  4. go to the drive-in {04.05.13}
  5. travel to a new state or two
  6. devote time to really expand our photography business
  7. ride in a hot air balloon
  8. take kosmo & lola to a dog event {08.07.12}
  9. go to the derby
  10. visit cousin at her house in argos (labor day weekend festival maybe?!)
  11. go on a fun double date (fancy restaurant or something?!)
  12. finish decorating our bedroom
  13. do a 10k or longer race again
  14. ride on a motorcycle (i've done this before, just wanna do it again ;))
  15. ride my bike 30+ miles
  16. make paleo ice cream
  17. visit my tennessee friends {03.02.13}
  18. try at least 5 new recipes
  19. shoot another engagement session (i like those!) {10.21.12}
  20. have an extended stay-cation in indy or go on a little trip with my brother(s) {04.05.12}
  21. go white water rafting
  22. have dinner at the spinning restaurant in louisville (forgot what it's called lol)
  23. finish the hunger games
  24. make homemade jam
  25. get some toms {03.12}
  26. have new family photos taken {11.04.12}
i now only have 11 months to accomplish these... let's go!
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