A Providence PR!!

Our race experience has been much different this time around than Arizona. Thank goodness.

This time, Josh and I didn't even plan before hand where I would find him along the course like we usually do...I somehow managed to figure out the map like a big girl and wander around Providence like I owned the place. Or something. Either way, I managed to see him at mile 1, 2, 11, and the finish :D

AND I didn't even get lost!!! ;)

Josh also didn't give me a list of his expected time splits like usual... so when I saw him at mile 11, I really didn't know if he was on track to meet his goal or not. But I had a feeling he was doing REALLY good when he was one of those guys that came around the corner by himself instead of in the main pack of runners... he was so far ahead! ;)

The race ended going up a huge hill... so I saw him, cheered, snapped some photos, and then ran to find him at the finish. I saw the finish line clock that read 1:26... and I thought OMG he seriously CRUSHED his goal!!! (his goal was 1:27-1:28). Turns out his "official" Garmin time was 1:25:49 (and was actually for 13.25 miles instead of 13.1)!!!! HOLY COW!! I knew B was a speed demon, but his previous PR was 1:29:04... he SMOKED IT!!!!

So proud :)

Great job, B!!!!!