Aitana the Dolphin

Thanks to a mishap at the airport when we arrived, we ended up with a discount to play with dolphins!!! It wasn't my first time swimming with dolphins, but Josh really wanted to so I gave in.... just kidding! He didn't really have to twist my arm.. in fact, I may have even been a little more excited than he was!

It was just as amazing this time as it was first time I did it... I even told Josh that we should move to Mexico and open our own dolphin program. I could be the trainer, and he could be the photographer. Seriously, they are making a killing off these photos!

Dolphins are incredible creatures!!! Our dolphin's name was Aitana and she was 5 years old. We got to kiss her, hug her, shake her fins, play ball with her, dance with her, AND she sang to us.

DSC_5615This picture seriously makes me laugh! Aitana is not scary, B! She is really sweet! :)

At the end we got to play a splash game with her and she put on a little show for us.

It really is an awesome experience! If you ever have the chance to swim with dolphins, don't even think about it.. just DO IT!

Hasta luego!

DSC_5577 The only Mexican girl I'll let him kiss ;)
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