iphoto dump

random i got to thinking earlier about all the random stuff my iphone sees... (random, i know. and yes i really do think about these things)

lots of random stuff that often doesn't make it to the blog, so i figured it was time for another iphoto dump.

(it's all on instagram though, if you want to follow along and see my random snapshots)

like.. the claw.
we discovered recently that one of lola's claws is half black and half white.. split right down the middle.

crossfit battle wounds.
cfbattle contrary to how it may appear, crossfit is not dangerous..... i am just clumsy and apparently bruise like a peach!!! and now have man-hands.

the head tilt. cfb4179ee61011e1b2fe123138150f0c_7
happy breakfast. c60aea7ce60811e186531231380ff997_7

boston terrier snuggles & sleepies bostons

gas station presents from my love. f8ad6060e4c111e192a722000a1e8b14_7
thanks honey ;)

"maybe if i roll around on this wet towel it will make me clean!" - lola ead92d60dab311e1864822000a1e8ae8_7

kosmo watching the olympics. 15217c50e02f11e1979222000a1e8aa2_7

a bud light cap with a compass on it... and a mullet. spotted at mumford & sons concert.

 and last but not least, the plank. 58326204dfec11e191e722000a1c86a6_7

.........and you're welcome.

happy hump day, friends!