Island Time

Hola mis amigos!

We are off exploring a more sunny and tropical part of the world now -- we are in Mexico!!! We've been enjoying being on "island time" without a care in the world!

The waves have been pretty crazy.. we had a red flag yesterday and a yellow flag today! Apparently red means you're not supposed to get in the water, but we're rebels ;) (and also we didn't know it was red until we got out...)
We're in Cancun and it is HOT here. Even the locals think so...

This guy was using his leaf blower to cool off a bit... and I don't blame him!

The beach is beautiful!

The food at our resort is delicious!!

And the people are very friendly!

We currently have no complaints ;)

And we have something exciting planned for tomorrow!!! Stay tuned!!!

Hasta luego! Adios from Mexico!

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