Mas Mexicana

When we arrived at Customs & Immigration in Atlanta upon arrival back in the US this weekend, they asked us what the purpose of our trip was. Josh's answer? To get as far away from work as possible. It's true, the primary reason for our trip was to R-E-L-A-X.

Besides swimming with dolphins and holding cute little monkies, we mostly just sat by the beach/pool and ate/drank all day. It was glorious.

On our last day we even got up early enough to score a cabana! And you better believe we stayed in that thing ALL.DAY.

The resort was beautiful and as a bonus we got to spend the week brushing up on our Spanish. My freshman year spanish teacher would be so proud! (Hola, Senora Boesche!)

Our resort had a dress code for dinner each night, so after spending the day lounging we still got to get a little dressed up for dinner which was fun.
It was also nice to not have to worry about a single thing all week... no making beds, no cooking, no laundry... it's all done for you! When you return from breakfast - your bed is made. When you return from dinner - your bed is folded down for you AND there's a delicious little chocolate waiting. Perfect. I mean Perfecto. 

And now.... back to reality. Which translates to a huge pile of laundry, a house that needs cleaned, suitcases that need un-packed and dogs that need bathed! 

welcome home! 

but really... there's no place like home.

For those that have asked, we stayed at The Royal Hideaway resort in Playa Del Carmen.
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