The Big Fat Chicago Post

This past weekend was mine and Cousin's 2nd annual GIRLS TRIP! I am loving this tradition and I hope we keep it up!!! I think it's always good for the soul to have some refreshing & rejuvenating girl time.
(read about last year's inaugural girls trip here)


This year my mom came too. Actually, she's kinda the reason for the whole trip in the first place... she had to go to Chicago for work and since Cousin lives about 2 hours from there, I tagged along and we made a weekend of it! It's been awhile since I've traveled anywhere with my mom, let alone by plane (she hates traveling in general but especially flying.... not sure how we are related!!), and it was so much fun!!! She kept saying the most hilarious things.. I should have taken notes and started a "$h!+ Mom Said in Chicago" website ;)

(For example, one night we had our curtains open in the hotel and it was getting dark. A normal person's reasoning for wanting to close the curtains would probably be so no one could see them naked or something, but she said, "Close the curtains! There might be a sniper out there!!!" Hahahaha really, mom?!)

Oh gosh, I love her. She's going to be SO funny in Japan. (Don't you think JAPAN is a wonderful place to take her on her first international trip!? I'll probably just video tape the whole thing.)

Anyway, Chicago was wonderful! I don't think I could live there (for one, my phone would barely work...hello, it was the middle of CHICAGO, not Tenbucktoo! weird) but I had a great time!

I had a check-list of Chicago things I wanted to experience: Sears Tower, Millenium Park, Garret Popcorn, Chicago-style deep dish pizza, The Bean, Navy Pier...

IMG_6031-Editsince when is it called Willis Tower... WTH!?

We arrived in Chicago Thursday afternoon, but weren't necessarily planning on doing much sight-seeing.. turns out we knocked out like half of my list that day! Which was good, because my momma had meetings all day Friday, so I'm glad she got to do some fun stuff with us!!

jumpHotel tradition...we've done this at hotels since we were kids ;)

On Friday, Cousin and I had 3 things on our agenda: Sears Willis Tower, shopping, and Navy Pier.

First up, the Tower.
You go up 103 stories (2nd tallest building in the world now, I believe..) and then they have glass boxes you can stand in to "walk on air." I thought this would be nothing considering I've been sky diving, but it was still a little freaky. Not nearly as exhilerating, obviously.. but still scarier than I was expecting.

The views were pretty sweet though.

Then we had lunch and went shopping on the way to Navy Pier.

Unfortunately, this was as close as we got to it. Once it came into view, our GPS told us it was still a 1.5 mile walk away.. and right before this my foot started hurting really bad. SURPRISE! flat un-supportive sandals are not the best choice of footwear for walking ALL day. Duh. But Cousin didn't really care either way  about actually going there and by that point neither did I. So we were happy to just have seen it then made our way back to the hotel.

Next time, Navy Pier, next time.

And that pretty much sums up our Chicago adventure! Minus the terribly over-priced hotel dinner, airport food, etc.

Our journey home was quite eventful but I won't go into it. It involved a heck of a lot of waiting. Waiting in the hotel to check out, waiting in the airport to get on the plane, then waiting on the plane for this to pass:

We finally made it home at 4am Sunday (supposed to have arrived around 9pm Saturday night) after much waiting and many detours. What a day.

Thanks for the great weekend, Chicago. You were wonderful.