Turn the music UP!

Guess what tomorrow is?! That's right -- it's mine and Josh's 36th Monthiversary!! AKA our 3rd anniversary. Which makes this ANNIVERSARY WEEK. So to celebrate we went to see Mumford & Sons!!!

Okay, really my BiG MJ is a HUGE Mumford fan and saw that the closest they were coming to her was Louisville (she lives 6 hours away in Memphis) so she called me to see if I wanted to go. So, duh, of course I said yes... and then Josh came too! But anniversaries are kinda like birthdays -- I pretty much call anything we do this week an anniversary celebration! ;)
The forecast was calling for rain & storms and with it being an outdoor show, this was not good. But luckily it held off and the weather was perfect! Mumford & Sons are really good live and so were both of their opening acts! We had a really good time!

I did discover that I am an old lady though. About half way through the show, my back started hurting really bad and by the end I had to go sit on the ground off to the side... and I found myself thinking that all the crazy drunk youngsters were obnoxious... man I sound just like my mom!!

Happy (almost) 3rd anniversary, Joshie Poo! I love you!