I felt it.


On Sunday morning when we got up, Josh decided he wanted pancakes for breakfast -- which I wasn't going to make because they aren't paleo and there's a lot of work that goes into making pancakes.... especially when you can't eat them. And after all that work I probably would. My pancakes are the shizz, y'all.

So then I remembered I had a gift card to Wild Eggs which is a really yummy breakfast place in Louisville. I could get a nice, healthy, paleo-friendly omelette and he could have his beloved pancakes. So off we went.

And all this to say -- it was cool enough outside that I needed to grab a sweater. Obviously it wasn't too cold out because Josh is just wearing a t-shirt, but the air felt crisp and it was definitely a preview of what's to come.

Of course, it's almost 80 degrees out right now which is not very fall-ish weather, but it was nice for the moment.

I even ordered hot chocolate just to celebrate.

Josh got 3 ginormous blueberry pancakes and ate a whopping total of 1 and a half of them. He definitely won't be winning the pancake eating competition they are having in a couple weeks. Our waiter said they are flying in professional eaters to compete. Can you imagine eating for a living?! Seriously.. what!?! How does one become a professional eater?

Fall is upon us and I can't wait!!! It's my favorite time of year! I can't wait for...

  • the pumpkin patch!
  • the apple orchard!
  • haunted houses?!
  • hay ride
  • chili nights
  • sitting by the fireplace
  • apple cider
  • making s'mores at the farm
  • halloween... already thinking about Kosmo & Lola's costumes!! ;)
  • carving pumpkins
  • whatever else fall has to offer!!

Happy Tuesday!!

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