Afternoon in Nashville

Last weekend I went to Nashville to meet up with Rindi and shoot her engagement pictures! I was super excited when she asked me to take them... I love engagement sessions! Plus, we try to meet up and hang out a couple times a year and it was about time for that to go down again. PLUS -- she and Adam got engaged a few months ago and I still had yet to meet him. I had no doubt I'd approve, but I still wanted to meet him before their big day! (I approve, Rindi! ;))

Here are just a couple shots from our day... I haven't even gone through all of them yet!!! New job, photo shoots, Halloween parties, etc are keeping me BUSY. But I love these!

And of course we had to take one in their Alabama gear for the groom's table ;)

Loved little Domino's jersey! So fun!

Thanks so much Rindi and Adam!!! I had a great time hanging out with you guys and I'm honored that you asked me to take your photos! So happy for you guys!!

p.s. this marks #19 off my list!