Barbells for Boobs

Last weekend before we went to the pumpkin patch, I participated in another local CrossFit gym's event - Barbells for Boobs. It was a fundraiser for -- breast cancer, of course. This particular gym is new and Josh has been doing some photography work for them for their promotional and marketing stuff... so he also photographed this event. Thus, I participated.

The WOD was a partner WOD called "Helen meets Grace"
3 rounds of -
• 400 meter run (both partners run together)
• 21 kettlebell swings
 • 12 pull-ups

 Then 30 clean and jerks, split between the partners however.

Janice (affectionately known as my CrossFit Mom -- love her) has been trying to get Case to host a Barbells for Boobs event at our gym but he hasn't yet, so I asked her to be my partner! She rocked it!!

Apparently I was a little happy to be running?!

We used a 35lb kettlebell (Rx for women) and I didn't even know... I usually use the 26lb one because I thought 35 was crazy. But I didn't even look at it, I just picked it up and did it. I was pretty proud of myself and a little shocked when I realized it. I definitely felt it the next day!!

So cool to see yourself get stronger. Love it.

Note: I don't normally do CrossFit with my hair down, but we were headed to the pumpkin patch afterwards and I was having a good hair day. I was trying not to mess it up and have to shower... that plan did not work out too well. CrossFit = sweat fest.

In other CrossFit news, this was our WOD today:

I dreaded it because 1) I always lose count really easily at CrossFit. Even if we only have to do like 4 rounds of something, I somehow always lose track.... so 50 was going to be great. 2) I hate box jumps, and lunges, and I'd never done knees to elbows (they sucked), and wall balls, and burpees, and double unders. OH HOW I HATE DOUBLE UNDERS.

BUT - I actually kept count really good today... until DU's. Which I can never accurately count because I mess them up so often and have to do like 4 regular jumps before I even attempt a double under, which rarely results in an actual DU.

So anyway... there was a 40 minute time cap, and I made it all the way to some amount of DU's... like I said, I lost count. But that was a lot further than I thought I'd make it. I was pretty sure 40 minutes would roll around and I'd be stuck on knees to elbows.

Today was my 5th day of CrossFit for the week and I am sore everywhere. EVERYWHERE. But it feels good. And bad. But in a good way.


I am off to Nashville tomorrow! And I have a new job! And I've been taking some cool photos! And more exciting stuff is going on! I will try to blog again SOON.

Hope you all are having a good weekend!!!