life lately.

well hello there, bloggy friends! sorry for the lack of posts lately... we've been busy, i just haven't really had the urge to blog! just been living life. and it's been good. yesterday me and B hung out together almost all day doing nothing spectacular, but it was just awesome i guess 'cause he's my best friend. :) we had a fun little photo shoot, went to the grocery, hung out with his parents, watched some movies (the cabin in the woods is stupid just fyi...) etc...

so let's pictured above..
• this past weekend we went shooting! it was my second time ever shooting a gun... and the first time didn't go so well (it was loud, scary, and i was really un-prepared), so i was a little nervous. but it was fun! guns aren't really scary, you just have to get comfortable around them.

• i found a chicken out back at work. like, just chillin' and walking around like he owned the place. you don't see that every day.

• the bostons are adorable. as always.

• i went to trader joe's this weekend (and bought chocolate covered potato chips... never again) and when i got home i decided the pantry needed re-organized. i didn't take a before picture (and this after one is pretty small, sorry) but it looks SO MUCH BETTER.

• i have got to start doing paleo again. but josh keeps buying cookies from every school-age child we know. and cookies are my weakness. but i felt soooo good after a month of strict paleo... i need to do that again!

• crossfit is still goin' strong... haha.. see what i did there? strong. anyways, i still love it and i still feel like i'm getting stronger. it's awesome.

• last weekend we had the kentuckiana's fittest crossfit competition at the gym... it was a legit competition and we had people from as far away as chicago come to compete! it was insane...and super motivating. case (my coach) asked me if i was gonna compete next year... my initial reaction was HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! you are so funny! but who knows.. i honestly doubt i will be at that level in a year, but hey, it gives me goals :)

IMG_6621i do know one thing though.... one day i WILL be able to do a muscle up like lindy!!!

• round 2 of DIY home improvements will hopefully be goin' down this fall/winter. pinterest is giving me all kinds of items for my honey-do list. josh is so excited!! ;) i'm thinking a master closet makeover and a mudroom makeover... i have a $135 IKEA gift card burning a hole in my pocket... and everything i need for the mudroom totals $134.98. #winning

• hmmm... what else? i guess that's about it.

it's finally my favorite month of the year!!! we have some fun fall plans coming up, so i'll try to not to be so absent from here anymore. hope you all had a fun & cozy weekend with people you love! :)

happy october!

264290_10151164747217421_1709007995_nphoto taken yesterday by the amazing josh of white stripe studio ;) more to come... maybe.