Weekend Wine

It's my favorite time of the year!!!

Fall activities... cool weather... good times with good friends..

Today we went to the pumpkin patch! It's sorta become a tradition to go with Ryan & Heather... and then whoever else wants to tag along! This is our 3rd year going together! This year Pat, Sheri and their son Justin came with us, too.

Then we headed to the winery for, well, wine! And cheese bread, pumpkin donuts, caramel apples, and more wine.

photo (1)
photo (2)
It was good! :)


Yesterday I went to Harvest Homecoming with some of my favorite girls! It'd been years since I'd made it down there for some reason. We went for the "beer walk" even though we only made it to 3 different places... and I don't like beer. But wine may have been involved. Okay, it was.

photo (3)
We had such a fun night!! I'm so thankful for a great group of girl friends... so essential I think. Love them.

photo (4)

So that was it. So far, my weekend has mostly involved fun times with great friends and good wine.

I really can't complain.


Tomorrow it's house cleaning day! Finally. Not nearly as fun and it doesn't involve wine (okay, it might) but it needs it!

Happy weekend to you all!

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