thankful things: week 1

i think i've mentioned before that josh and i like to say one thing we are thankful for at the end of each day....

okay, sometimes he thinks i'm crazy...

"what's your thankful thing today, B?" 

...... snores ....

asleep already?!

(sometimes we forget and i ask him like 10 minutes after we've gone to bed, which is a no-no)

 but i really do think it's important. we're very blessed and i think we should be grateful, acknowledge it, and not take it for granted. or at the end of a bad day i think it helps to see the bigger picture..

 and since saying something you're thankful for is like the cool new thing to do on facebook for the month of november, i'm going to try to post one thing i'm thankful for every day here and i'll share them in one post each week.

so here's week 1..


day 1 - i'm thankful for my family. 

i've always known it, but i've been reminded a million times this year just how blessed i am to call these people my family. most of them may live an hour+ away, but they are always there for me. we have fun together. we can talk about the good stuff and the hard stuff. we might disagree but it's always in love. and we've made an effort to not let distance stand in the way of good quality time together. and at the end of the day... these are my people and i'm incredibly lucky.

day 2 - i'm thankful for my momma.

yeah, yeah, yeah.. she's part of my family. but she's more than that. she's my best friend and i don't know what i'd do without her.


day 3 - i'm thankful for the upcoming christmas season.

i was at target the other day and they already had Christmas stuff out. usually i'm all bah humbug about it, especially when it's still october (which it was -- and i still kind of hate that a lot of places kinda skip thanksgiving but that's not the point of this post...)

the point is, i saw the doggy Christmas pajamas. and i went ahead and bought them (last year i waited too long and ended up having to go to 3 targets to get the right sizes). yes, i bought Christmas stuff in october. and then i realized

i'm actually excited and looking forward to Christmas this year. 

 which means.. this is the first year since my dad died (12/30/00) that i am legitimately looking forward to Christmas. since he died, the holidays have been a little rough, especially Christmas. growing up, Christmas was the one and only thing that stayed the same in my life... every year. and after he died it wasn't.

 but now that i'm making my own traditions it's getting a little easier... and dare i say it? FUN. and you know, that's the way it should be. that's what my dad would want. i hate that he's not here to celebrate with us, but he wouldn't want me to hate this time of the year. that's why he always did whatever he had to do to make it special for us. so i'm thankful that Christmas is finally starting to be a happy time again :)

day 4 - i'm thankful for an extra hour of sleep tonight.


day 5 - i'm thankful for my health & the ability to get stronger.

today wasn't my best day at crossfit. i felt weak. we had to do our 1RM (max weight for one rep) on 3 different strength presses. i know i could have done more but today i just couldn't. we all have those days...

so i thought it was appropriate today to focus on the progress i've been making lately rather than the one day i just wasn't feelin' it.

 the above photo was taken at the beginning of july after i'd been doing crossfit for about 2 weeks. i couldn't do handstand push-ups (touching your head to the ground and then pushing yourself back up), i could only do kick-ups (as pictured)....

3 weeks ago i tried again and i still couldn't do them, but last week... i finally did some real handstand push-ups!!! i did about 6 in a row before i had to go back to kick ups :)

i've also started using a 35lb kettlebell... when i first started, i usually stuck with 20. i thought 35 was crazy... two days ago i warmed up with a 26-pounder and knew it was too light. i can also do toes-to-bar, i'm getting closer to a real, un-assisted pull-up, and my weights during lifts continue to increase.. getting stronger is a good feeling :)

day 6 - i'm thankful for the right to vote & our little kosmo.

today is his 5th birthday! which also marks the start of



happy birthday, little buddy! we love you!!

day 7 - i'm thankful for my B & our little family. 

family 10x13

i like them. i'm glad they're mine :)

what are you thankful for today?