thankful things: week 2

day 8 - i'm thankful for the ability to still run.
this was the WOD tonight. i finished it in 25:05... not bad considering the 8 minutes of rest and the fact that 1 mile of the 2 was run with a bulky 25# plate. i believe that puts my overall pace per mile faster than i used to run... and that feels good. even if my legs don't.

day 9 - i'm thankful for a job that i love.
i actually look forward to going to work every day, i have a cute little office, and i get to help make people feel better. what more could a girl ask for?

day 10 - i'm thankful for josh's [growing] family.

we had a baby sprinkle for his sister mandy because she's having baby amelia in about a month!!! have i mentioned on here that she's pregnant? well, she is. i remember the day avery was born and now she's gonna be a big sister. i wonder if gage and mo-mo will still call her baby avery once baby amelia is here?

 day 11 - i'm thankful for my lola bear.
IMG_0318 she can be a little stinker, but she has brought so much fun, joy, and love to our little family. she's the perfect fit and she was meant to be! and today is her 2nd birthday! i can't believe we have already had her for almost 2 whole years. we love you, sweet girl!

nov121314 day 12 - i'm thankful for our military.
past, present, and future. thank you for defending our country and protecting our freedom!

day 13 - i'm thankful for my girl friends.
seriously. they are the best and God's really looked out for me in that department. i have so many good people around me that push me to be a better person and are there for me when i need them.

day 14 - i'm thankful for coffee.
(white chocolate mocha, specifically)
sometimes it's the only thing that gets me through the morning ;)

what are you thankful for today?