thankful things: week 3

day 15 - i'm thankful for my crossfit family.

what an amazing community. they push me to do things i never thought i could do and get stronger than i've ever been.

it was especially helpful during tonight's WOD-
150ft sled pull
then 3 rds of:
5 bear complexes (#&%$&@^%*&@)
10 muscle-ups (or 10 pull ups AND 10 ring dips if you can't do muscle ups)
15 burpees
then another 150ft sled pull

 holy cow. felt good once it was over though.

day 16 - i'm thankful for a girls' afternoon & a much-needed mani/pedi.
nov16 my toes were in bad shape, goodness. they are now thanking me for the love and i'm thanking sheri for a fun afternoon!

 i'm also thankful for a new PR in crossfit this morning...
several weeks ago we did "CF total" which was finding our 1 rep max. weight for back squats, push press and dead lifts. my dead lift weight ended up being 150lbs... and just barely. i thought i was going to stop at 135# but case pushed me to keep going... i finally got up to 150 and barely got it up. i think it took 3 tries before i actually got it off the ground. this morning we did deadlifts, and i got 145# up pretty easily.. well, not easily, but it didn't take 3 tries like last time... and i finally got up to 160#!!! i may have been able to add more, but we were running out of time.

i love seeing results and getting stronger. feels good. now, if only i could remember to ring that dang PR bell at the box.

day 17 - i'm thankful for lola snuggles. 
kosmo is a snuggler.. he always wants to be in your lap during the day or right next to your chest at night... but lola really isn't. she prefers to sleep at the foot of the bed, so when she's in a snuggly mood i eat it up.

day 18 - i'm thankful for my camera.
i did a shoot with josh's sister mandy, joe & avery on sunday to document their last few weeks as a family of 3! baby amelia is due december 11th. i love photography and i'm so thankful for a good camera to capture life's little (& big!) moments!

day 19 - i'm thankful for this casserole.
photo (2) seriously. this picture was taken less than a day after i made it and that was all that was left. my mom made me this casserole sometime earlier this year and i thought there was crack in it or something. i just could not stop eating it. i don't even know why.. i guess it's just a mixture of all these flavors. here's the recipe:
1 box cornbread
1 can of pinto beans
small onion, chopped
2 tomatoes, chopped
1 bell pepper, chopped
1/2 cup mayo
1/4 cup dill pickle juice
1 small pack of bacon bits (or cooked & chopped up bacon)
note: i substitute the onion, tomato, & pepper for a can of diced tomatoes that already has onion and pepper in it... so much easier! i also just used dill relish instead of pickle juice. 

make cornbread according to box instructions
after it's done take a spoon and break it up into pieces while in pan
pour pinto beans over cornbread (un-drained)
add tomatoes, onion, & pepper

in a separate bowl, mix mayo and relish/pickle juice
pour over casserole and let sit for 30 minutes
add bacon on top
day 20 - i'm thankful for clif builder bars (especially cookies 'n cream)
they have the perfect ratio of fat, carbs, & protein that you need on the zone diet, so they have made my snacking super easy. i eat 1/3 of the bar for each of my 3 snacks. speaking of zone, my partner miranda and i are currently tied for 1st place!! i definitely wasn't expecting that! hopefully our measurements and improvements are just as good!

day 21- i'm thankful for best friends.
and kristen is one of mine and she's in town! we had a little shopping spree tonight and it was fun. thankful for long-lasting friendships that remain even when there's 5 hours between us now. when we are together, it's just like old times. love you, girl.

what are you thankful for today?