life lately.

hello friends! we hope you all had a wonderful christmas!

it snowed here last night! too late for a white christmas, but better late than never i guess! we didn't get any snow last year so it's been awhile! this is my favorite kind of snow -- it's pretty, doesn't interfere much with driving, and thick enough to build a snowman (which we haven't done yet).

lola loves it! last night we had the lights set up off the back porch in the basement for a self portrait josh wanted to take (that i actually took of him)
here it is:
anyway, he was standing outside but i was still right inside the door, which was obviously open, and lola just took off like a crazy woman and just ran her little heart out all through the yard. and this was at about midnight. she was all like ZOMG! SNOW! 

so obviously i had to take her out to play in it today!

anyway, life has been moving right along.

we celebrated christmas, we're gearing up for new year's, and i'm working on about a million projects (both internet related & home projects - which i'll share soon!)... thus the lack of blogging (again!). i'll be back soon to re-cap our holidays, but for now here's a look at the past week or so in instagram photos!

collage6 collage5 collage4 collage2 collage1 collage3
clearly i have lots to catch up on!

happy saturday to you!