this weekend.

it's been a bit since my last real post again. but i know you guys are probably not even surprised by my slacking anymore ;) so here's a little update on life and some random thoughts from my head...

---> how can i not mention the tragedy in newtown, connecticut? i can't. but i really have no words. it is devastating and heartbreaking. i can't even imagine. it hurts my heart to think of parents who will never see their babies again. families who have presents under their trees for their 6 & 7 year olds who won't get to open them. and for what? just a senseless act of violence. i don't even have children of my own yet but the thought of this brings me to tears. i'm trying to remember the victims' names... know their stories.... and not give all the attention to the monster that did this. the only comfort is that they are now safe, not suffering, and in the arms of Jesus. this world we live in is often times horrible. but also, often times amazing. this made me smile. i really don't know what else to say.

---> with fall comes pumpkin picking and now, with winter comes ice skating! i like this new tradition :) our little town has stepped it up a notch and now brings in an outdoor ice skating rink! last year was the first year and it was so successful that they extended it for an extra month. i'm glad they brought it back this year! unfortunately, we tried to go this weekend and it was closed due to the rain. (yes rain. i thought december meant snow, but whatever.)

so we will have to pick another weekend here soon.

at least we got to hang out with some friends on a dreary day. so thankful for this group of people.

---> josh was on puppy duty while mom and i did some shopping on sunday! axul is seriously the cutest little thing ever.

i keep telling my mom that i'm going to steal him.
because i am.
when she least expects it!

josh is totally on board. they are buddies!!

---> you may remember, we also have a new human baby in the family and i got to have a photo shoot with her last night!

4 days old (5 now). more pics to come.
i love love love newborns. so perfect and squishy.

so anyway. that's what's been going down lately.

7 days til christmas. y'all ready?!