life lately.

oh, well hey there! contrary to popular belief, i have not fallen off the face of the earth. we have just been BUSY! here are some instagram snapshots from the past few weeks to get you all caught up...

collage 6
new year's eve. this is like basically where we left off. and now it's almost february. geez i am a horrible blogger.

here's some more recent photos:

collage 10
taken yesterday. we still look basically the same.


a couple weeks ago (not NYE obviously because i'm a slacker) i decided that my goals (not resolutions) are to strive for and create the best possible versions of everything... myself, our home, our relationship, etc.

so that means i'm working on some home renovation projects! currently: the master bedroom. the new furniture i ordered a few weeks ago came in and now we are painting it! i'm so not a DIY type of person.. i read all these home design blogs by all these people that can magically transform furniture with some paint and stuff, but i'm always afraid i will totally ruin it! but somehow i decided to conquer my fear and here we are. here's hoping it comes out ok! i like the look so far, but it's also just in pieces all over the basement floor. i hope it looks good once it's actually put together and in the room. i'll do a full reveal post when we finally get everything done.. it will probably be a few weeks ;)

i also ordered stuff that is going to transform our laundry room into a beautiful mudroom - which will make that room more functional if all goes according to plan! but that will be later. i can't ask josh to put together alllll this furniture all at once!

collage 11
my goals for myself are simple - in crossfit, i want to really push myself. that may seem like a given, considering that crossfit is pretty intense no matter what you do.. but what i mean is that i don't want to short-change myself. there are times you (i) go in, and you know you could lift a certain weight, but you do 10 pounds less because you're scared, or you take a few too many breaks during a crazy WOD, or what happens to me sometimes is i just lose count and then i kind of just stop when other people do.

NO MORE! i will conquer my fear of heavy weights because that's how i get stronger. i won't take a break that i don't really need because come on - the workout doesn't last that long anyway. just keep going! and i will focus focus focus to keep count of all my reps. crossfit is really good at teaching you to count.

i had a good week last week at crossfit! i finally (FINALLY) did a REAL pull up with no assistance bands!!!!!!! doing a real pull up has been my goal since before i started crossfit! and the day has finally come! i've been working really hard on them the past several weeks and it's finally starting to click. unfortunately, coach case was there so now he knows i can do them which means i can no longer use bands ever again in any WODs that involve pull ups! (so intimidating!) but i'm just kidding... it is scary but this is how i get stronger and better at pull ups! even if i'm really slow and don't finish some WODs :)

i also set a couple new PR's on weights this weekend...we did CF Total (1 rep max weight for back squats, strict press, and dead lift) and i went up 25 pounds on my back squat weight for a total of 130lbs and i went up 30 pounds on my dead lift for a total of 180lbs!!!!! i was seriously shocked with the deadlift... last time we did this i barely got 150 up and have never even done anything close to 180.

this brings me to my next fitness goal:

collage 4
i signed up for the derby half marathon in april! it's the same one i did as my first half marathon almost 3 years ago! (how has it been that long?!?!?) i'm not sure how i feel about it. part of me is super nervous since i've barely been running this past year, and part of me knows i can do it so i'm just like, "okay let's do this!" the trick will be remaining injury-free....

my brother, adam, did the indianapolis half marathon last year but didn't like it so he asked me if i'd be interested in doing derby again and running it with him. then he signed himself up, so i felt committed and here we are! now i'm committed and officially signed up. regular training runs will commence this week.

luckily, adam's not a crazy headed runner like josh and we are just doing it for fun so i'm not going to kill myself over trying to get an awesome time or anything like that. there's plenty of time later for PR's. my only goal is to finish the half before josh finishes the full.

collage 3
we went to a surprise 50th birthday party for one of our friends a couple weekends ago. the party was at a hotel and it had a cool animated fish tank and you could "catch" the fish. i am easily amused.

collage 8
i've been drinking way (WAY) too much coffee and chai tea lately. someone gave me a starbucks gift card for christmas and then i discovered that you can register those bad boys for rewards and stuff. i also discovered that starbucks can make you a sample of any drink! and they give it to you in a cute tiny little cup. how have i never known this before?!

i've also recently become obsessed with goat cheese. i've always loved it but i've never been able to find it at the grocery so i can enjoy it anytime i want... but target of all places has it! i knew i liked that place ;) so my new favorite lunch is a spinach salad with chicken, dried berries, almonds, white balsamic viniagrette dressing and GOAT CHEESE. omg delish.

collage 12
it's 28 days into the new year and i've already seen a lot of my out-of-town family outside of the holidays! such a great start to the year :) my grandma and bubby came down a couple weekends ago and this past weekend my mom, aunt kathy, & i traveled up to indy to hear eric's band play! my brother is a badass drummer... but more on that later!

collage 2
we made it a girls day and started off with some pedicures! my feet needed it REALLY bad. i think aunt kathy thought about disowning me because my feet were in such bad shape.

and that brings us up to this weekend - which i will share in full soon! (i even broke out my camera and took some "real" pictures!)

i'll end this post on a boston terrier note, because let's be honest, those dogs rule this household!

collage 7
p.s. baby axul pictured bottom left. love all those babies!!

happy monday, friends!