take two

so here it is, 11 days into the new year and i still only have one blog post up (from this year). so lame. i don't know what is wrong with me. i want to blog, but i just don't ever do it anymore. it's like i forgot how to string words and sentences and pictures together into a cohesive, beautiful blog post. i think i have lost my mojo. or maybe i've just been busy. work, plus crossfit, keeping the house clean, the dogs (and josh! :)) happy, still trying to remain social, on top of everything else... leaves me kinda tired at the end of the day. plus i haven't really had anything interesting to write about lately. but hopefully that will all change soon!

anyway, here are some photos from back in december - the weekend before christmas, actually! - when we finally got to go ice skating!!
take two - they're open this time!!!!  (you can read about take one here)

have i mentioned that we have great friends? because we do. love these people.

happy friday!!
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