I've been feeling very blessed lately.

I know I say this a lot, but I was reminded of it a million times this past week...

I'm just so thankful to have such amazing friends... who called and texted to check on Lola. Even some that I know aren't "dog people." They just know how much she means to me and wanted to show support. I had people asking if they could bring us anything, and even one who is going through her own situation with her own pup.. but she doesn't have the answers or happy ending that we do.. still there for me, praying for my girl, and happy for us. Love you, Marianne! We are praying for Nala! :)

I'm thankful for an awesome job with a great boss! I love my job on a daily basis anyway, but Dr. Kyle has been super supportive the past week during this situation with Lola. In fact, on Thursday when we found out they were going ahead with the surgery, he insisted that I leave so I could see her beforehand. He also said I could bring her to work with me if I need to. Seriously.. best boss ever! I know jobs are hard to come by in this economy, so not only am I thankful to have one, I'm thankful to have a really awesome one!

I'm thankful for wonderful doctors who took great care of Lola. Even though we've been through this before and her situation is much less serious than Kosmo's was... it doesn't make it any less scary.. at least for me. We caught her's much sooner (she had surgery after just 1 day, whereas Kosmo didn't have his surgery for 6 days.. and her surgery was a lot quicker!)

However, I did find out on Monday when we brought her home that her surgery was actually significantly more complicated than I had originally thought. Apparently her poor little small intestine was trying to pass this string thing, but the string thing had gotten tangled up with these big plastic chunks that were stuck in her stomach and couldn't pass through. So her small intestine was working overtime trying to move this string, but it wasn't going anywhere. The doctor said that she had bruising all throughout her small intestine and that's usually how they determine whether or not to remove it. If there had only been bruising in one spot he would have removed it, but since her's was all over the whole thing, he couldn't remove all of it. He said he made the call to leave it, hoping it would heal itself. Thankfully it did!!!! I also found out that I knew the surgeon several years ago from my old church. Small world.

Anyway, my girl is safe at home now and was released from vet care yesterday. We only have to go back if we have problems.  :D


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