February. All at once.

So I didn't write a single post during all of February.

To be honest, I seriously considered giving up blogging completely because it just doesn't seem to fit into my life right now. But, I love having my blog to look back on and I sincerely don't want to quit... so I'm gonna try to catch up on the past several weeks then hopefully resume blogging somewhat regularly. We shall see.

So, here's February. In a nutshell.

collage7Lots of Boston Terrier love.

collage6did some photo shoots // found a Christmas tree in the median of the highway

collage5went into Sam's Club for 2 things // new bones for the Bostons

collage4sun shining in the master bathroom (Lola's favorite spot in the afternoon) // after I came home from a pedicure, Josh said, "Hey look! Kosmo is wearing your new sandals!" Yes honey, my new sandals ;)

collage3still working on the home renovations & painting furniture... we may be the slowest DIY'ers ever

collage2Kosmo just all of a sudden hopped up on Josh's lap during dinner one night // getting the impression that Lola doesn't like the black bits in her food

collage1Valentine's Day flowers and dinner :)

Pretty flowers! He did good :)

And a penguin card! He sure knows the way to my heart :-p

And I think that about sums it up!


P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day!