Paleo Pancakes

I tried the infamous 3 ingredient paleo pancakes this morning.

Have I mentioned that I'm back on paleo full force now? Well, I am. Sunday was full day #1 and since then I've only had 1 cheat meal. Actually it was more like a cheat side (fried rice). And I wouldn't have even had it except I already had dinner plans for sushi and Japanese food before I decided to go paleo again!

Even with the cheat side, I'm feeling great and it's only day 5!

I've been trying so hard (well more like wanting so hard) to do paleo again since last August! I had such awesome results after just 4 weeks of it last summer and it honestly wasn't that hard to do, but I just couldn't get back into it after our trip to Mexico. There were fall treats, holidays, and more recently Girl Scout cookies that just got in my way.

But now I know why it was so hard. For the past few months, I just didn't have the motivation! And now I do! My motivation is our epic 4th anniversary trip that is being planned right now!!! My new motto is ABS BY AUGUST!!!! So now when I want a cookie, I just remember that I need abs by August.... whereas before, it was like eh whatever, I'm decently happy with my body. 

Anyway, more on that later.

All you need to make these pancakes is literally 3 ingredients:

A banana, 2 whole eggs, and some cinnamon.

First you mash the banana in a bowl.
Then add some cinnamon.
Then add the eggs.
Now you have a healthy pancake mix!

And then you just make it like regular pancakes.

I didn't take a picture of mine because it wasn't pretty.
You can top them with fruit, maple syrup, whatever.

Verdict? They were pretty good. I am not huge fan of banana flavored things, so they were a little banana-y for my taste (even though I love bananas!) But still good.

Give 'em a try!