A Night in Indy

Since I was on "spring break" last week and my brother Eric is off on Fridays, I headed up to Indianapolis to spend the day and night with him! It was fun to be able to just hang out even though he had to take a lot of business calls... I guess you are always working, even when you're not working, when you own your own business!

We went to the park, went shopping, out to eat, and then I finally got to cross #4 off my list - go to the drive-in!

Yes, it's true. I had never been to the drive-in before last weekend! We tried to go last summer, but it was sold out.

The whole experience was pretty cool, but it was too chilly outside for us to sit outside of the car and Eric had his drum set in the back of his SUV, so we couldn't sit back there either. But I can definitely see how it's really fun in the warmer weather. It's also pretty cool that you can watch up to 3 movies for the price of one... however, we only watched one because Eric and his girlfriend, Jamie, both had to work Saturday morning. We saw Evil Dead which was alright but really just more gross than anything.

On Saturday morning I went to work with Eric - he was leading an anger management group. I worked out some of my issues ;) Just kidding, but it was cool to see him doing what he does all the time. Proud of him!

I was hoping to get to hang out with Adam and Jenn too since they live up there now, but Adam was out of town working almost the whole time. We did get to have lunch before I left though! And it's alright, Adam is coming down for the half marathon in 2.5 weeks!! (which we are not ready for at all, btw.. should be interesting!)

Thanks for the fun weekend, bro! Love you!

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