A weekend update.

This weekend was such a nice one.

 First, on Saturday morning instead of rushing out the door for CrossFit, I got to sleep in. We did bench press last Thursday in the WOD and I hadn't done bench press in probably 12 years so my arms were SO SORE for the following 5 days. Like so sore it hurt to get dressed. And hold my cell phone up to my ear. We also did pistol squats last week, so my legs were dead too. And I had bigger workout plans for Saturday evening so I decided a restful morning would be just fine and probably needed considering the craziness I was getting myself into that night. (more on that later in this post. stay tuned)

Once I got out of bed and was making breakfast, guess what I noticed?! A bird building a nest in the window sill!!!! I literally watched her make it. Coolest thing ever. So far, we've had 4 birds (that I know of) build nests and raise babies on our windows, but this is the first one I've seen actually build the nest. It was pretty cool. She would fly up with twigs, do some kind of weird flutter/twirl thing, rinse and repeat. All afternoon. I think I scared her off a couple times, but she did pick my kitchen window which is probably the least private window sill for a bird on this house. The kitchen is very heavily traffic-ed. She should have picked an upstairs window. We don't go up there every day. Maybe even every week.


Anyway, the nest is done now, so I guess I didn't scare her off too bad.

After breakfast we started our laundry/mudroom makeover! Here's a sneak peak after phase 1:


It's only called Phase 1 because we ran out of time due to plans we had for the evening. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure B could have had it totally finished in one day. Because he's awesome like that.  I will post all the nitty gritty details, including a before and after (it looks even better compared to the before photo!), as soon as it's finished but I love it so much I couldn't wait to at least share a peak!

So, our aforementioned plans for the evening.... RUCKING.


 Yes, that's right. I completely lost my mind and decided to join Josh and friends on a training ruck. The Challenge is at the beginning of May so my chances to join in were getting slim. There were 6 of us and we did roughly 5.5 miles of “rucking” around town. Which basically means we each had a backpack full of bricks that we carried on our backs (6 if you’re over 150lb and 4 if you’re under… I am a loser and only had 2. But to be fair, I had never ever rucked before and these guys have been training for months now. I didn’t want to slow anyone down),while also carrying a “team weight” (which for us was the log pictured above).. and we ran while doing this. All around town. I guess I should use the term “run” loosely as it was more like a slow jog with all the added weight. It was probably the one time ever in my life that I could actually run with Josh.


We ran a couple miles to the park, then did some PT (with the packs ON)… we did flutter kicks, plank holds, partner bag carries (where you carry not only your pack, but also someone else’s… fun times!) up this GINORMOUS hill, bear crawled up the hill, partner carries (I carried Josh, oh yes I did.. but not up the hill), and other stuff I’m sure I am forgetting. After a long while spent at the crazy hill, we did a 1 mile loop around the park before heading back home. Most of this time was spent doing indian runs with the log. All with that damn backpack on, let's not forget.

 Anyway, overall I had a blast! There was a brief moment at the beginning when I was like oh crap, this was the dumbest idea I’ve ever had, but I quickly got over it when I realized I could actually do it. I would however, definitely die if I was in the military. Seriously… no way. The frustrating part is that my legs/hips and IT band started hurting AGAIN. I’d been doing so good! I don’t know what causes these stupid injuries to always keep coming back but it’s really annoying! I have literally been walking like an 80 year old lady  for the past 2 days. Surprisingly, other than my injured legs I felt fine! I guess CrossFit really is paying off and giving me some endurance :)


Thanks to the GORUCK training group for letting me join them! Also, my B is an awesome drill sergeant!