I am absolutely sick to my stomach when I hear about the events that unfolded today. It's just unthinkable. What has this world come to? We aren't safe to go anywhere anymore... the mall, the movies, school, and now running. As I watched the news while browsing Facebook to make sure my friends who were there were safe, I just started crying. There's so much evil in this world. Has it always been this way and we just know more about it now due to all the social media? Or has it gotten worse? Probably a little of both. But as I sat there crying, Lola came up and smothered my face in kisses. She, along with the outpouring of help and love to those in Boston, reminded me that the world isn't all evil... but it still breaks my heart. We had a few friends in Boston running today, and thankfully all are okay.


Praying for those affected by this senseless tragedy. Hoping you all and everyone you love are safe as well.