Derby Festival Mini/Marathon

It wasn't without pain, but yesterday I ran the Derby Festival half marathon for the 2nd time. The whole experience was totally different than the 1st time I ran it. That time, I trained for it. I trained for it for 6 months. I made a goal that I didn't think I could reach, I worked hard, and I reached it.  It was amazing. 

Yesterday was amazing too, but for totally different reasons.

If you've been around here for awhile, you may have followed my entire running journey from 0 to 13.1 miles. I won't re-cap it all (if you're interested just browse the running archives) but during my 2nd half marathon in Vegas, I injured my IT band and have been battling that injury off and on since then for the past 2.5 years. It's frustrating, to say the least. I wanted to train for a full marathon but  I eventually gave up on training for races when my leg just kept getting worse.

So how did I end up running a half marathon yesterday?

Back in January my brother Adam asked if I was interested in doing the Derby half again. He ran the half in Indianapolis last year, but didn't really like it. I told him I was still injured, but I'd start running and give it a few weeks to see how my leg held up and would let him know. Well, a few days later he texted me and said he had signed up! So, I decided WHY NOT!?

As the next few months went by, neither of us really trained. I ran a few times with the CrossFit endurance group and whenever running was in a WOD, but my longest run was 3 miles. Adam just didn't have time, so his "training" was about the same (minus CrossFit). So we were both going into it without any expectations. Our plan was to use Jeff Galloway's running plan of run 3 minutes and walk 1 the whole time to conserve energy.

So that's what we did! It worked great for the first 9ish miles. A few miles in, my piriformis started hurting... but I could run through that pretty easily. Mile 9 was when my IT band pain came back with a vengeance!!! It got to the point where I just physically could not run because the pain was so bad. We ran a little bit but we walked most of the last 4 miles.

By the time we turned the corner and saw the finish line I literally couldn't bend my leg without pain and my hips were on fire, but I sprinted to the finish!


I've never been so happy to cross a finish line in my life :)

Over all though, this was probably my most fun race! My slowest half marathon by far, but I ran it on zero training with my brother and we had a blast! (minus the pain!) I'm so happy that we could experience this together and we now have this crazy day to look back on and laugh about together! "Hey remember that time we were crazy idiots and decided to run 13.1 miles without training for it?! Yeah we are geniuses!"

What may be even crazier though that I haven't mentioned yet.... Josh ran the FULL marathon on no training as well! Yes my friends, he is a different level of crazy! ;)


He also signed up for the full back in January and was training for it, but then just didn't have time. He was originally planning on rucking the half as training for his GoRuck challenge (which is next weekend!) but after the Boston marathon bombings they prohibited backpacks on the course (for good reason!) So a couple days ago he just decided he would go for the full! He hadn't even run a total of 26 miles since January, but ran 26.2 yesterday in under 4 hours!!!!


Reunited after the race!


He is walking better than me today... I feel like I ran a full marathon!

What a crazy day! Maybe next time we will actually train for it?! Other than my injuries though, I feel fine! Cardio/fitness-wise I felt fine. I saw a bunch of people on Facebook post about how sore their quads & calves were, but my muscles aren't even sore! I feel totally great other than my poor little injured hips and IT band! If I could just shake these injuries for good I think I would be set!

Thanks for running with me, Adam!! What an experience!

Oh, I forgot to mention the best part of this whole day! Josh parked ACROSS THE RIVER so after the race we had a 1.5 mile walk to the car. Basically, I waddled like a penguin across the bridge and wanted to cry the whole time. Yes, that was his best idea of the day. Phew.

Also, I feel like I should mention this: please don't attempt to run a half marathon or marathon on zero training. We've all run these distances before and maintain active lifestyles in other ways, so we didn't go into this race completely cold. I wouldn't recommend it even if you are active, but especially if you don't do anything at all. You could really hurt yourself! That's my PSA for the day!