So Easter was a week and a half ago and I am just now writing about it. But hey, that's better than my track record for the rest of the year so far.. at least it's not the 4th of July and I am just now writing about Easter. That being said, I can't believe it's already APRIL! That means Josh's birthday is in 3ish weeks and I should probably figure out what I'm going to get him! Who has good ideas?!?!

Anyway, Easter weekend was good. We celebrated with Josh's family at his sister's house on Saturday and then went to church and to my mom's on Sunday. Lots of good food was eaten, eggs were found, and babies were snuggled.

Here it all is in pictures:

We took this picture from multiple angles and we were squinting in all of them!

I just want to know when did these kids grow up?! When did Avery get big enough for a pony tail? When did Gage become a little man with missing teeth that can read? I am pretty sure it all happened over night!

I don't think I've mentioned it here, but Josh is now heading up the training for the GORUCK Challenge that's taking place in Louisville on May 4th. There's a team from CrossFit doing it. Basically it's an 8-10 hour event that covers 20 or so miles... you do it with a team, with a "ruck sack" full of bricks. It's supposed to be similar to Special Ops training... they'll do obstacles, etc, that they won't know about until they get there. It sounds pretty intense and they always come home walking funny and with tight shoulders so I've stayed out of it :)

I'm sort of considering doing a "GORUCK Light" though... we'll see.

Anyway, the above photo shows Josh packing bricks with his bro-in-law RJ, who was joining them on a training ruck that night.

That was basically our Easter weekend in photos!

I didn't take any pictures on Sunday, but you get the idea! Those would have pretty much been all of the Boston Terriers.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying some beautiful spring weather like we are!!
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