Happy Birt-day!

This is the ghetto hillbilly cake we made to celebrate Josh and Lynda's (his mom) birthdays! Mandy made the cake - a HUMMINGBIRD cake! Now I want to go back to Jamaica just to drink a hummingbird... man, it's been a long time! Anyway, it took us too long to do the math on how many candles we would need for the cake, so I just got out our "happy birthday" candles... except, apparently one of the H's got lost somehow since the last time we used these candles. And that A is somehow way shorter than all the other candles too. And yes, apparently we re-use birthday candles because we are cool like that.

We went out for dinner at Chuy's for a joint birthday celebration last Thursday, then had everyone over to our house for cake & ice cream! I am proud to say that I only had a tiny bite of ice cream and a few bites of cake. I was going to totally pass, but everyone kept raving about how good the cake was. (Mandy does make really good cakes! She actually uses recipes and not boxes like me) And then I found out it was called Hummingbird cake, so I knew I had to taste it even if it was nothing like the drink.

We spent time hanging out, Josh showed off his new favorite book, the kids played fetch with the dogs (I think we need to borrow these kids more often just to fetch with the dogs! I'm pretty sure the dogs got tired of it before the kids did... and that's rare that the dogs get tired of fetch!), and of course enjoyed the cake and ice cream!


Lola should be a politician! She loves kissing babies!!!

Funniest part of the evening: Morgan (who Avery now calls "Gage-Morgan" got sent to time out, so Avery decided to join her; the whole time saying, "Are you done yet, Gage-Morgan?" Kids crack me up!


"Happy Birt-day to you!!!" (yes, we actually sang it like that)

Today is my B's actual birthday and we are going on a hot date tonight thanks to Dr. Kyle! (he got me a gift card to a fancy restaurant for Christmas that we haven't had a chance to use yet... I told Josh we could go anywhere else if he wanted, but we figured this was a good a occasion to celebrate and why not use it?!)


Happy Birthday, B! I hope your birthday is wonderful! Sorry it's on a Monday, that kind of sucks! But, I hope you have the best year yet! I love you!
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