Mudroom Makeover

You guys, I am IN LOVE with my new mudroom!!!

 As you may remember, I am trying to make our home more efficient, and this was one of my projects to do so! Here is a "before" picture:


No organization, cluttered, ugly! Basically our laundry room had all these shelves that provided great storage space, however, in reality it seemed to just accumulate more junk than actually serve a purpose. We also didn't really have anywhere for our coats and bags. We do have a coat closet, but in the winter let's be honest, we don't hang our coats up each night just to drag them back out the next day. They always ended up draped over the kitchen chairs. My purse always ended up on the counter and Josh would throw his gym back on the kitchen table. It seemed like our house was always unnecessarily cluttered, especially in the winter!

Enter: A mudroom! Our laundry room is right off our garage, so we go through it every time we go in and out of the house. It's the perfect spot to put a space for storing coats, bags, and shoes. I shopped around for some mudroom units (like this, for example) but they were all upwards of $400. That's when I decided to get creative!

Back when I purchased our new couch and love seat I got a pretty sweet gift card from IKEA because of the special they were running at the time, so I decided to see what kind of functional mudroom space I could design with IKEA pieces. I knew I wanted a bench with storage, somewhere to hang our coats, and additional shelving so we didn't lose all of our shelf storage space. After some research, pinterest inspiration, and measuring, I decided to order a Benno TV Stand for the bench, a Billy Wall Shelf for the top, and a Billy Bookcase with a door for the side.

If there's one thing I love about my B it's that he's super handy. Okay, that may not be the one thing I could pick if I could only pick one, but I do love it. He had the old shelves down, the new stuff put together, and the whole mudroom mostly finished in less than a day! Like I said before, it could have all been done in one day but we ran out of time due to other plans. We also had to borrow a tool from Josh's dad. But still, not bad for a weekend project! I LOVE it! It not only serves a much more functional purpose, it also really opens up the room and just looks better overall, I think!


The details:
Benno TV stand - $89
Billy Wall Shelf - $40
Billy Bookcase - $40
Billy Ydre door - $25
Beadboard (from Home Depot) - $20
Coat hooks (Lowes) - $20
Crown molding (Home Depot) - $10
Pillows (World Market) - $26
Baskets (Target) - $40
For a grand total of: $310! (less than $250 for just the necessities!)

Not bad considering the $400 alternatives AND the fact that I had a $140 gift card :) So a beautiful mudroom for $170 out of pocket? YES PLEASE!

Thank you, B for all your hard work in turning our laundry room space into a beautiful mudroom!!! I love it, and you! :)
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