Paleo Pork, Shrimp, and Chicken Sausage Gumbo

I cooked last night.

I try to do a home-cooked meal 2-3 nights a week (the other nights we have leftovers or eat out) but it is usually more like I grill some meat on the George Foreman and throw it together with a side of veggies.
But this was an actual follow-a-recipe meal. This is what happened:


This is why I don't cook often. My kitchen turns into a giant mess. I just can't figure out how to be one of those tidy little cooks that puts stuff away as I go. Unfortunately, these recipes that turn my kitchen into craziness usually taste a lot better than the throw-it-together kind.

 This is what I made:

  Photo courtesy of her's was prettier than mine.

 Paleo Pork, Shrimp, and Chicken Sausage Gumbo!

 Here's the link to the recipe.

 I keep forgetting that the chicken sausage I always buy from Trader Joe's is incredibly SPICY. Josh likes mega spice, me not so much. I like just a little bit. Un poquito. But other than that I loved this recipe and it was easy to make despite the mess. You could probably make it and make a smaller mess than me, but my brain doesn't operate like that.

Anyway. Try it. It's good and good for you!