birthday presents from me: wrapped in penguin wrapping and a boston terrier box, of course // josh's birthday dinner at volare


i sent josh to the pet store for dog food, got this text 15 minutes later // the bostons appreciate their new toys


GORUCK challenge in full swing // my feet said "DONE!" after 18 miles


mother's day with my momma // lola's new dress!


kosmo is loving this sunny, warm weather! // lola takes a nap


eggs fresh from the chicken's butt... surprised that they're green sometimes! // happy breakfast!


my boys // me and my girl

my feet lately... a pedicure & tape


things that get me through the day at work sometimes... coffee & cough drops & cold medicine.... just depends on the day


packing for goruck // still rucking after the ruck.. what the ruck?


my baby eggs.. which i don't think are gonna hatch :( i noticed it was taking awhile and looked it up and it's  supposed to take 12-14 days.. it was day 21... the next day momma bird never came back. either she realized her eggs were bad, or something happened to her // lola gots something on her nose


organized my spice drawer // #howlolasleeps


preparations for our party yesterday (more on that later!) // fro-yo date  

just a few instagram snapshots from lately... hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!
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