Do we really need a reason to have a party?

The answer is no, no we don't.

But our reason this time was a "Post GORUCK Shindig," although the party was not limited to people who did the ruck, or even people who give a ruck about one. (See what we did there? hehehe :D) Like I said, it was just an excuse to get people together because we have awesome friends.

However, since it was a "Post GORUCK Shingdig" Josh decided he needed to wear his ruck sack. And yes, it was still heavy as ruck (sorry... I did it again hehehe) with all of his bricks in it!

So that's what he did.

He wore it ALL NIGHT LONG.

Anyway. As I have mentioned probably 8734836753 times on this blog, we're seriously blessed in the friend department and we always have a great time whenever we all get together. Here are some photos from the night:

Then my favorite part of the evening happened. Somehow the party turned into this:

Like I said, my friends are awesome. Maybe a little crazy, but totally awesome.

Hope everyone that came had a rucking good time at our party!!!! :D

(that's the last time I'll do it, I promise. at least in this post) ;)  
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