nice to meet you, baby turtle

one thing i love about our neighborhood is all the baby turtles we get wandering around each spring! they are super adorable and remind me of my college days with obie and zeke. those turtles were such fun little pets, and pretty low maintenance once you got their habitat set up correctly, but that's a whole 'nother story. they now live in a big high rise condo near the river with a family in which the mom is a vet tech who knows all about turtles. they have big fish in their tank with them now and get to eat real turtle food (smaller fish, etc) that they never got living with me. so even though i miss them, i think they are living a pretty great little turtle life.

anyway, that was a tangent. the point of this post was to show an exhibit of our walk the other night. we try to take the bostons on at least one walk a day when the weather is nice. we always find all sorts of creatures... geese (which lola likes to chase), bunnies, turtles, and sometimes even snakes! eek! the other night we found this little guy in the middle of the road. kosmo was all about checking him out. every time he sniffed him, the turtle would literally start running. it was hilarious! after they were done checking him out i helped the turtle safely across the street. i'm seriously considering looking into where we could get some "watch for turtles" signs for the neighborhood. those little guys are so hard to see when driving!!

happy friday! we have some fun memorial day stuff planned! hope you do too! nothing like a long weekend! :D