the day of the mothers

today is a great day! and yes, i know it is monday (ok it was monday when i started this post. that is how my week has been. i need more hours in my day. where do i go to sign up for that?) although josh has the man-flu so please keep him in your thoughts and send healing vibes his way. plus side of the man flu is that kosmo and lola get papa all to themselves all day while he stays home in bed! score one for the bostons!

we had a wonderful weekend with our momma's. i spent saturday shopping and hanging out with my mom and then she and lynda (josh's mom) joined us for church and brunch on sunday. i am so thankful for these sweet women in our lives. i know i've said it a million times, but i love my momma so much and i am so, so thankful for the relationship we have.  i am also thankful for josh's momma and the fact that we all get along and actually like each other ;) i know not everyone has these relationships in their lives, so i try not to take them for granted.

church yesterday sunday was awesome. i always enjoy it, but sunday's message left me feeling very encouraged and happy. we've been going to a new church since february and i really do like it there.

after church we went to brunch at toast.

kosmo and lola dressed up for me for mother's day! okay, actually i bought them these outfits because they were adorable!!! (and on sale)

seriously, how cute is lola's little summer dress and kosmo in a collared shirt with a tie!? that's right, super adorable! :-D

happy [belated] mother's day to all you momma's out there!!! hope you all had a wonderful weekend with the mothers in your life!