Father's Day Cookout

I feel like my blog is constantly running at least a week behind. Oh well, that is better than the status of  my scrapbooks which are running like 8 years behind so I'll take it.

For Father's Day we had a cook out at our house with Josh's family. It was raining of course, because that's what happens almost every time we have some type of get together. But we had fun nonetheless, especially Avery who entertained herself literally the entire time with a toy that was just a plastic stick with a roll of paper on top that would flare out if you flung it.

Here is a visual -


 Yes, that would be Avery having a one-sided pillow fight with Lola.

Don't worry no Boston Terriers were harmed in the making of this video. (our house didn't seem as chaotic as it sounds in this video)

 Other notable happenings from the day:

Josh put his beer in his pocket.

Lola sat at the table with me.

And Kosmo with Josh.

My BFF and I asked my photographer boyfriend to take a photo of us and this is what happened:

So that was fun.

 Hope you all had a great Father's Day (almost 2 weeks ago!!)