Memorial Day Weekend

Yes, I know that was like over a week ago. I've been a bit busy! If you follow my photography page on Facebook, you may have seen that I'm in the process of re-branding it. I've changed the name from Junebug Photography to Elle Photography. I love the name Junebug and what it means to me, but I felt like it made it seem like I mostly shoot child portraits. Which I do. (ha!) but I wanted something a little more sophisticated and broad because I also enjoy shooting engagement portraits and I'd like to try my hand at seniors at some point. Plus I've kind of always wanted something that is linked to my name, without it just being "[My Name] Photography" thus Elle was born. ("Elle" is the first letter of my name, in case you didn't make the connection ;))

ANYWAY. Back to the point of this post. Our Memorial Day weekend was chalk full of FUN & workouts! On Saturday morning I went to the gym for MURPH. Murph is the typical CrossFit WOD for Memorial Day. It's run 1 mile, then do 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, then run another mile. I didn't do Crossfit last Memorial Day, so I missed out. We have done Murph at least once since I started going last June though, but I only did "Mini-Murph" (which is half of each). Well, as fate would have it, I can now Rx all the movements in Murph, so Rx I did (no assistance on pull ups, and full push ups -- no knees) Of course, to actually Rx Murph you are supposed to do it wearing a 20lb weighted vest, but that's just insane, so I Rx'd what I could. My goal was to come in under an hour and my time was 55:56! I will take it! My first full Murph mostly Rx'd. I was pretty happy about it. Then of course Renee did the whole thing Rx WITH the vest and beat me, but she's a super human mutant so we try not to compare ourselves to her.

My muscles however, were not happy. On Monday we went back to CF for the WOD for Warriors event. I could barely lift my arms and what do you know, the WOD for Warriors included more pull ups AND more squats! It was a partner WOD called "21 Gun Salute" to honor those who have given their lives for our country... 21 pulls ups, 21 burpee box jumps, 21 fireman carry back squats (squat your partner on your back), 21 burpee box jumps, 21 pull ups... then your partner does it, then you do it again, and your partner does it again. PHEW what a crazy work out! Especially 2 days after Murph.

I did not squat Josh because I'm not crazy. I think that would have been a risk to both his health and mine.

This was a crazy workout (Josh almost passed out in the middle!) but I loved it. It was great to be able to honor all those who serve and have served our great country. Memorial Day always makes me think of my Grandpa.. he served in WWII and I wish he was still here to tell me his war stories. He used to love telling them, but he died when I was 12, so I don't really remember them and probably didn't care as much about them then as I would now.

I also surprised myself during the first round of pull ups and did 10 unbroken! I've never done that many at once before! People ask me why I love CrossFit and that's one of the reasons - I am constantly doing things I never thought I could do. Just this past week I did the 10 unbroken pull ups, I did a 21-15-9 WOD that called for 24 inch box jumps and I DID IT (box jumps scare me anyway, and when you're used to only doing 20, 24 is a bit scary!), I finally climbed all the way up the rope, I did 21-15-9 of dead lifts at 135# when 135 was my 1RM just a few months ago... it's amazing to see progress in yourself.

Our entire weekend wasn't all about CrossFit though (even though that's all I got pictures of!), after Murph on Saturday we went up to Case's family's farm (they have one not too far from our family farm) for a big Memorial Day cookout.  They have a big beautiful lake with lots of boats and jet skis, but it was chilly and rainy so we didn't do any swimming! Well, the kids did, but little kids are crazy. We were going to head up to our family farm on Monday but Josh's parents were heading out right when we were about to head up there, so we didn't.

This past weekend we celebrated this girl's 6th birthday.

But more on that later.

I would just like to know when she got big enough to turn 6!?!?! She was practically a baby when I met Josh! Anyway, hope you all have had great weekends since the last time I blogged.

 I'll be back soon!