Officially summer.

I always feel like it's officially summer once we've had our first farm trip of the year. So by these standards -- welcome, summer!

On Saturday we had plans to go to a pool party (also summer-approving standards!) but Josh ended up working at the farm with his parents for several hours to prepare for a garden and then came home looking like a lobster, so after all that we decided more time in the sun was probably not what the doctor would order, although we did not consult with one. We did, however, go back on Sunday to plant the aforementioned garden.


We did stop to take a short break and play with the Bostons.... in the lake of course! (them, not us)

I am so proud of them! They are both such confident little swimmers now. They even jumped in all by themselves before we even threw a stick for them to fetch! My little babies are growing up! *sniff sniff*

I think they look kinda like little sea otters, don't you think?

 Here are some more snapshots of our day.

And then, just as we started actually planting the garden, it started raining. If it would have waited about 20 minutes it would have been perfect timing! It was so crazy I didn't even get a picture of the finished garden! It will be sweet to be able to harvest our own veggies soon though! And Kosmo and Lola are looking forward to lots more swimming trips this summer!

 Happy (unofficial) Summer to you!