So, I turned 27.

A whole week ago now.

In keeping with the theme of my life as of lately, this post is running a week behind. I need more hours in my day to keep up with everything. Where do I go to sign up for that?

I'm finding that birthdays are less meaningful as the years go on.... but that being said, turning 27 didn't necessarily disappoint. My mom and I went up to Aunt Kathy's house to enjoy her new inground pool on Friday (pictured above), catch some sun, hang out and have some dinner. I also had a birthday sushi dinner with B and some friends (thanks B!), a birthday lunch thanks to a sweet friend (thanks Sheri!), birthday fro-yo, AND an ice cream cake (of course!) and all that fun  stuff.

I LOVE going up to North Vernon to visit Aunt Kathy.

Even more so now that she has an awesome pool ;) 

haha, just kidding, Aunt Kathy!

I always tell her she's my favorite aunt (which is true) but we figured out on Friday that she is actually my only real aunt. She's my dad's only sister and my mom only has brothers... so she's my only legit aunt. I'm pretty sure she'd still be my favorite anyway though.

We stopped by my cousin Brad's (Kathy's son) house to meet his brand new baby, Elise.

I wish I had been a bit quicker getting this photo or had my nice camera so it wasn't blurry, but I thought this was so sweet. Gabi and Asher really love their little sister - this was totally un-prompted. 

Gabi and Asher also also taught me and Mom some awesome dance moves. Gabi is a professional dancer (she takes ballet classes) and she taught me everything she knows. So I'm basically a real ballerina now.

Also, something I found interesting was that a lot of the dance moves Gabi taught me are the same thing we do in CrossFit for our warm-ups, they just call them something different. Kinda funny.

 Anyway, after we left there we went to Columbus to Aunt Kathy's favorite Mexican restaurant. It's a little hole-in-the-wall place run by a local family. They're only there 6-8 months of the year and spend the winters in Mexico. Aunt Kathy RAVED and RAVED about it... when we got there they told us we had about an hour to wait, so we decided to pass some time in TJ Maxx. It was the quickest trip to TJ Maxx I've ever done because we wanted to get back in case they called our name... well, we ended up waiting over 2 hours! Pretty sure we could have stayed in TJ Maxx a little longer. Apparently the owner is getting older and not in great health so they had just re-opened for the year 2 days before when they usually re-open in April. Luckily, Aunt Kathy was right and it was pretty much the best Mexican food ever.

And those have been my birthday celebrations thus far. Lucky for me I still have one more celebration to go with Josh's family in a couple weeks! Here's to month long birthday celebrations!