Hawaii! Part 1: The Na'Pali Coast

So... Hawaii! Part 1 of 18! just kidding! Seriously though...Hawaii was amazing. awesome. spectacular. wonderful. gorgeous. We had an absolute BLAST! We traveled with our friends/neighbors, Brian and Nikki, who you may remember from our Jamaica trip a few years ago. It was the first time to Hawaii for all of us and it was so great. Like soooo great. It felt almost like we were in another country. It has sort of a different language (aloha! mahalo!). A different feel to it. And that plane ride sure as heck was long enough to take us to another continent (in fact I actually think my flight to London was shorter.) But really...it was one of those special pinch-me-is-this-real vacations. 

Our first stop on our Great Hawaiian Adventure was the island of Kauai. (I will write a post later about how we chose the islands we went to.) We arrived on Thursday evening around 6pm Hawaiian time, which was midnight our time. We were all exhausted but knew we had to stay up til at least, like, 8:30pm so we could adjust to the time difference. Luckily, our condo was right across the street from the grocery, so we dropped our stuff off and then went to get some groceries so we'd have some food in the morning. We spent the first full day checking out the beach and the awesome pool and water slides at our resort, exploring the local area, and getting used to our new "home" for the next 5 days!

The first excursion we had planned was on our 2nd day... a zodiac boat tour of the Na'Pali coast! When I was planning our trip, I read over and over again how the Na'Pali coast was a must-see and now I know why: it is GORGEOUS!!! We ended up going with a zodiac boat tour instead of a regular boat tour (the boat was a motorized "inflatable" boat.. I think they said it was the fastest boat out there) which was awesome because we were able to actually go inside the sea caves, whereas regular boats can't do that. I think our tour also must have started earlier than others because we were the only boat out for most of the time! It was awesome! On our tour we saw tons of dolphins so UP CLOSE. I have never seen that many dolphins that close up in their natural environment before. They swam all around us, literally right next to our boat, and did flips in the air and all kinds of stuff, it was like they were putting on a show for us.

Coolest thing ever! I love dolphins :)

 Anyway, as I said before, the coast was GORGEOUS.

((I have a million more beautiful pictures of the coast, it was hard to choose which ones to share. If you want to see more check out my FB page))

At one point they stopped and we got to go snorkeling. The snorkeling would have been better if they would have let us go with the dolphins... just saying ;)

I have to include this photo because this lady was cracking us up! She rode almost the entire trip with this scarf over her face! I really don't know why because the place was BEAUTIFUL and she missed out! She didn't seem sea sick but I guess that could have been why, although I always thought if you got motion sickness you were supposed to look in the direction you were going not close your eyes but oh well..

This tour was awesome and if you're ever in Kauai I would highly recommend seeing the Na'Pali coast by boat! You can see it by air as well, but you don't get to go inside any of the sea caves that way (Captain Obvious)!

I'll be back with more Hawaii soon! :)
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