Hawaii! Part 5: The Beach & The Pool

So... I may not have been too far off when I said there will be 18 parts to the Hawaii re-cap. There was just so much we did that I don't want to make overly long posts because no one likes to read those, but I don't want to leave anything important out. This is part 5 and we're just now about 1/2 way through, so maybe I can do it all in 10 posts? GOODNESS that's a lot! But Hawaii deserves it because it was that awesome. Feel free to skip these posts if you don't care about our trip. I'll be back with regular life posts soon (however our real lives aren't as cool as Hawaii so you might as well read these... they are a lot more interesting ;))

Anyway, today I thought I'd talk about where we stayed in Kauai. It was our favorite of our two condos and I was pretty proud because I found the place all by myself! It was beautiful!

The pool was kind of like a lazy river all the way around with little waterfalls and caves that you could go in. It had 2 water slides and all the hot tubs had sand or lava rock on the bottom. It also had a little shallow "beach" pool with sand perfect for babies and kids. Definitely, by far, the coolest pool at any resort I've ever been to! We LOVED the water slides!

The resort was right on the beach, however the beach itself wasn't the best. It was great for laying out, but if you wanted to be on a beach where you could snorkel it wasn't that great. We walked a little ways down one day and it actually turned out to be pretty rocky. Josh even cut his foot open. But, for laying out it was fine! And, of course, it was still beautiful.  And there were good snorkeling beaches close by, so all in all, I'd still say the location was great!

Yes, this is what my boyfriend does on vacation. Picks up a log and does burpees.

AND we saw seals!

Later that day we saw another seal come up out of the water. You could tell he was looking for K-13. I talked to the guy on the "monk seal response team" and he said that these two are good buddies and they like to keep each other company. Sweetest thing ever!

I hope you enjoyed the re-cap of our time in Kauai!

Next stop: Oahu...
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