Hawaii! Part 7: Pearl Harbor

I thought I could make one giant post about our day in Oahu, but I'm weird about having too many pictures in one post or too long of a post in general.... and God forbid I leave any details out to make it shorter ;)

So, here's the 2nd part of our day in Oahu! After our shark dive, we went to Pearl Harbor. Scratch that, we ate lunch at Killer Tacos & got shaved ice from Matsumoto for dessert. (In Hawaii you have dessert with every meal. Or at least we did.) Apparently it's the best ever Hawaiian shaved ice and I guess it was true because the line was literally down the block.

THEN we went to Pearl Harbor. (after we accidentally tried to cross a bridge onto a military base and got turned away by big guys with big scary machine guns.... seriously, they should mark that stuff better)

We didn't have time to do any of the tours because most of them took at least 2 hours and we had a plane to catch. It would have been cool to go on some of the old ships or even inside the museums, but we just didn't have the time. Still though, it was awesome to just be there and see everything we were able to see and know how much a part of history it was.

Next time we'll plan to spend more time at Pearl Harbor. This time though, we were on a time crunch!

Next stop: Maui!
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