Hawaii! Part 9: Maui by Helicopter

On our last full day in Maui we went on a helicopter tour! I wish we had done this earlier in our trip, as our pilot gave us some tips on some cool things to do and see but by that point we didn't have time to do most of them. But either way, the trip was gorgeous! I knew it would be, because duh it was Maui and flying in a helicopter is super cool. I did it in Alaska as well... I think a helicopter ride is an amazing way to see places. You get views you wouldn't otherwise be able to see unless you are a bird.

Side note: I used to wish I could fly like a bird when I was little. It's true.

Brian and Nikki were doing the ride regardless, but Josh was up in the air about it. (hahaha see what I did there?) I left it up to him whether or not we did it because I'd done it before. Well obviously we decided to and I'm pretty sure Josh loved it. He had the biggest grin on his face as soon as the helicopter took off and it was precious. He's probably gonna hate me for saying that, but it's true. It was so cute to see him so excited :D We did the West Maui and Molokai tour with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. When we called to set it up, we said we wanted the best one and they said that one was the most popular. So, there you go, that's how we picked our tour. I think it's probably the most popular because it takes you over to see another island (Molokai).

We had an unbelievably awesome view of this waterfall! (sorry it's blurry!) I couldn't even get all of it in one picture because it was so big. It just kept going and going. So cool.

We got to fly over beautiful clear water, through valleys, over mountains. Gorgeousness all around!

^^^^^ See his face?! Happiness. That's what riding in a helicopter does. :D
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